Scotland Committee

The APPC Scotland Committee meets regularly to discuss and respond to matters relating to the profession and the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government.  All APPC member organisations working in relation to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government are invited to participate.

The Committee also offers an annual training session on the APPC Code of Conduct.

The Chairman of APPC Scotland sits on the APPC Management Committee. The Scotland Committee does not have responsibility for matters reserved to the Management Committee and its membership as reflected in the APPC register.

The Committee holds an annual AGM at which a Chairman and Secretary are elected.  The current office holders are:

Chairman: Peter Duncan (Message Matters)

Secretary: Matthew Revett (Grayling)


For media enquiries please contact: Peter Duncan 07740 469949,



Legislation on Lobbying in Scotland

The regulation of lobbying in Scotland is a devolved matter, and the Scottish Parliament has already taken evidence on the introduction of the Lobbying Transparency (Scotland) Bill. APPC Scotland gave evidence to the Standards, procedures and Public Appointments Committee after the Committee issued a call for evidence on the subject.

APPC Scotland submission

Summary of evidence issued by Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee