Joining the APPC

Membership is open to any individual or firm that offers political consultancy services relating predominantly to the institutions of UK government (be they central, regional or local) and/or other public bodies.  These services may be the principal business of the firm or ancillary to it, provided that they are undertaken for third parties on a commercial basis. In addition, effective July 2013, APPC is also able to admit in-house PA teams and trade associations as members, as well as individual PA practitioners.


New members are admitted by the Management Committee on the basis of an application form and an interview.


For further information, contact the Secretary, Mary Shearer, at


The Benefits of Joining the APPC

  • The Code of Conduct offers reassurance to clients and others that the political consultancy will behave in an ethical and honest manner and will not tarnish the client’s good reputation.  Clients are increasingly demanding the reassurance of APPC membership.
  • The APPC Register demonstrates transparency.
  • Automatic admission to the UKPAC Register offers transparency across the sector, including members of CIPR and others, aiming to achieve universality of registration
  • Training seminars on the Code of Conduct are offered free of charge in London and occasionally in Edinburgh and Cardiff.  The seminars also offer networking opportunities. There is also an online training module to support the face-to-face sessions.
  • Peer support and feedback.
  • Members-only meetings with speakers.
  • Open and democratic organisation welcoming members’ input to its development.