APPC Young Consultants’ Committee

Members of the YCC

Members of the YCC

In 2010, APPC set up its Young Consultants’ Committee for consultants up to the age of 30 or so.  Its primary purpose has been to provide a focus for young consultants’ engagement with APPC.

The YAPPC has been a great success, largely attributable to the enthusiasm and commitment of its 14 members, who are elected annually for a maximum of three years.

The YAPPC’s programme of work and achievements include:

  • Organising a range of networking and development events, well attended by young (and some not so young!) consultants from APPC member consultancies and beyond. These have ranged from drinks receptions to panel discussions and the occasional inter-agency quiz
  • Carrying out an important annual survey of young consultants, to seek their feedback on the APPC and its work, together with broader views on the industry
  • Contributing to the running of the quarterly training sessions, through participation in the role plays, hosting duties and regularly updating the scenarios used in the role plays to keep these relevant to young consultants
  • Developing the  scenarios for APPC’s new online training module on the Code of Conduct
  • Establishing a database of contacts in all APPC member consultancies to  disseminate information about the YAPPC’s programme
  • Providing a link between the APPC Management Committee and young consultants working for APPC member consultancies