About The Register

This is the APPC Register, listing all the client and consultants of APPC member firms.  The Register is updated quarterly.

An asterisk against a consultant's name indicates that the consultant holds a Parliamentary pass, which is permitted by the APPC Code of Conduct for those consultants who are a former member or are a spouse or civil partner of a member of the House of Commons, House of Lords, Scottlish Parliament, National Assembly of Wales, Northern Ireland Assembly or Greater London Assembly, provided that the pass is never used by the consultant whilst acting in a professional capacity.

APPC is a member of the UK Public Affairs Council.  Some, though not all, of the information in the APPC Register is extracted and published in the UKPAC Register on www.publicaffairscouncil.org.uk

In the event of any discrepancy in data or timing between the APPC Register and the UKPAC Register, this electronic version of the APPC Register shall prevail for the purposes of member compliance with the APPC Code of Conduct.

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