Regulations on Membership Obligations

The principal condition of membership of APPC is that the member firm should accept and abide by the APPC Code of Conduct.  Any breach of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the APPC Complaints & Disciplinary Procedures and it is an obligation of membership that each member is bound by those Procedures.

The Articles of Association also stipulate other conditions of membership of APPC as follows:

  • Undertaking an annual compliance procedure in respect of the Code (Articles 98-99).  A member’s membership may be suspended if the statement of compliance is not supplied to the Association by 1st August in each calendar year.
  • Providing four times a year to APPC the names of all fee-paying clients and consultancy staff during the previous three months for publication in the APPC Register (Articles 100-103).  A member’s membership may be suspended if the information required under this Article is not supplied to the Association by the dates determined by the Management Committee.
  • Paying the annual subscription set by the Management Committee (Articles 14-16).

A member’s membership may be suspended in the event of failure to provide the Code compliance procedure or a Register entry.  In the case of Register entries, the Management Committee may suspend membership immediately an entry is overdue.  If the Register is published, any missing entry will be noted as a late submission and, if that is the case, that the member’s membership has been suspended. If any one or more of these obligations remains outstanding six months after it was due, the member’s membership will be deemed to have lapsed.

In the event of suspension, a member is required to comply with the membership obligations, but may not claim membership of APPC nor use the APPC logo on its website or publications nor in presentations to prospective clients or other third parties.

A member’s membership may be terminated by the Management Committee in accordance with Articles 19 and 20 in the event that a member has not:

  • Paid the subscription within three months of it becoming due
  • Provided a Register entry within two months of final notification
  • Provided a Code compliance statement within two months of final notification

If a member wishes to resign his membership of the Association when a complaint against him has been received by the secretary, his resignation will not become effective until such complaint has been disposed of.

Issued by the APPC Management Committee
May 2012

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