One of the obligations of membership of the APPC is to complete an annual compliance procedure with the APPC Code of Conduct as at 31 May each year.

In 2015, all members of APPC completed the procedure by

  • providing to the APPC a signed copy of the Code of Conduct (to indicate continuing endorsement)
  • making a statement on the member’s compliance procedures
  • stating the name of the member’s compliance officer
  • completing a compliance checklist

The compliance checklist asks members to confirm that:

  • The APPC Code forms part of the member’s contracts of employment
  • The APPC Code forms part of the member’s contracts with all freelance consultants
  • The APPC Code is included in the member’s staff handbook or equivalent
  • All advice, proposals and presentations to clients and to the institutions of government are authorised at an appropriate level proportionate to their nature
  • All clients have been notified that the member is bound by the Code, a copy of which can be sent on request
  • The APPC Register entries have been accurately completed and filed at the end of each quarter by the time set by the Management Committee
  • No consultant holds a Parliamentary pass

Those members declaring that one or more of their consultants does hold a Parliamentary pass, also confirmed that the pass is held in a personal capacity (i.e. as a former Member or spouse of a current Member) as permitted by the APPC Code of Conduct and that the consultant does not use the pass whilst on the member firm’s business. All Parliamentary pass holders are identified in the current APPC Register.

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