The principal condition of membership of the APPC is that the member firm should accept and abide by the APPC Code of Conduct. The Code regulates the conduct of all APPC members and promotes high ethical standards.  It offers detailed rules based on two principles: transparency and an absolute ban on any financial relationship with politicians or their advisers.

The Code is reviewed regularly and updated as required. As the Code cannot cover every eventuality, the Management Committee has developed answers to Frequently Asked Questions. All members must sign and endorse the Code (which binds firms, their staff and non-executive consultants) as a pre-requisite for joining the APPC.  All new staff must sign the Code and receive training when they sign their contracts of employment.

Members are required to re-endorse the Code of Conduct each year and to produce an annual statement of compliance.  Each member has to designate a senior executive as the firm’s compliance officer. One requirement of the Code is that members must provide an updated entry to the APPC Register every quarter.

These and other conditions of membership are set out in the Regulations on Membership Obligations. APPC offers regular training on the Code, as well as online training.

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