Choosing a Consultancy

Finding the “right” political consultancy for a prospective client is not necessarily straightforward. When considering whether a particular APPC member meets its needs, a client should consider the following questions:

  • Does the consultancy offer the particular service required? Some companies specialise in particular areas, such as monitoring and intelligence gathering; others are “full service” consultancies.
  • Does the consultancy specialise in your sector? A number of APPC members have developed a focus on particular industries, whilst others are generalists

If a client decides to invite a number of consultancies to tender to supply public affairs services, its brief must be focussed. This is important for both sides; if it is clear what a client requires, a consultancy can decide accurately whether it has the skills and experience to deliver the services needed.

Further information about APPC members can be found in the APPC Register and on members’ own websites, which can be found via the links from the list of members.